AGPS High School Social Studies

World History/Economics/Civics/
Pyschology/Sociology Instructor:

Mr. Brian Petrmann

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Why do we study History? (click for the definition of History)

A Student's Guide. Why Study History?
A usefule site giving explanations as to the purpose of studying history and tips for succeeding in History class.

History is a part of the Liberal Arts?
(click for the definition of the Liberal Arts)

What is a Liberal Education? (click for the definition of Liberal Education)

A professor at the University of California at Berkeley discussing the value of a Liberal Education.

What is a Liberal Education according to Plato?

This video is based off of a part of Plato's Republic that compares the liberally educated to the illiberally educated. (400B.C)

Here is the written version of this story in the Republic called the "Allegory of the Cave".

Another description of Liberal Education from Robert Hutchins.

Robert Hutchins was the former President of Chicago University and was instrumental in starting the "Great Books" Program.

What can a Liberal Education be used for?

Videos about the Liberal Arts program at St. John's College.(click to find out where St. Johns is)

Ancient History Primary Sources

A collection of several Ancient Historical Primary Sources from Human Origins to the Fall of Ancient Rome. (400A.D.)

Medieval History Primary Sources

A collection of several Medieval Historical Primary Sources from the Fall of Ancient Rome (400A.D.) to Exploration (1500A.D)

Modern History Primary Sources

A collection of several Modern Historical Primary Sources from Exploration (1500A.D.) to the 21st Century.

History Channel

A good site for general historical knowledge, historical videos, and historical games.

Today in History

A great site to discover the historical significance of TODAY!!