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This is a great interactive website for Preschool and Kindergarten. Children can practice letter and sound recognition and read along with stories and play a variety of games.


This interactive site has games, songs and stories for the children to read. One spot on this site allows the student to create a scene and a follow up activity for this would
be for the student to write a story about the scene (picture) they've created.

Enchanted Learning

This site has information about any elementary subject area. A student can learn about math, reading, geography, many different animals etc. They can print off books to read and rebus stories to read.

ABC Teach

Abc Teach has manny free resourses for parents to use with elementary students. Parents can print off worksheets for handwriting practice. Books can be printed for children to read as well.

Kindergarten for i Pad

This app features alphabet and number practice for students in Kindergarten.

Sight Words Arena Kindergarten

This app features 100 common sight words for everyday use for Preschool and Kindergarten students.

Alphabet Tracing

This app shows students how to properly form the letters as they write them.

ABC Big Trace

This app shows the proper way to form letters as well.

Numerate: Add and Subtract

This app would be great for differentiated learning. It has higher level math built in as well as basic counting.

Kid's Spanish

This app has basic words in Spanish. Students click on the picture and the word is read to them.
Rocket Math app
Students can build their rocket then fly it into outer space. While in space they can play math games with numbers, addition, coins and higher level math.

Baby Explorer app

For this app the student can explore about 20 different species fo dinosours. They learn about their size and what they ate. We have a dinosaur unit and this would be a fun extra for the kids.

Family Fun

This is a great site to find ideas to keep kids busy with craft projects, recipes and games. I use many ideas in my classroom.

Children's Stories Online

Students can choose different books some are in a series and the story is read to them. As the story is read the words are highlighted.

Big site that features many crafts and learning games to create at school or home. This site covers all curricular areas.

Learning Planet

This site has counting activities, alphabet ordering, clock features and other math activities.

Read Write Think

This sight contains lesson plans, interactive learning games for students in various grades for language arts curriculum.

Sheppard's Software

This site covers all curricular areas. It has games for fun and academic games for Math, Science, Health, Langauge Arts, Social Studies and much more.


I chose this particular site for story starters which is what you will see when you open this link. My Kindergarteners loves writing stories wehn they had a fun start!

eLearning for Kids

The are many interactive games and activities for children covering grades PreK-6. Each grade level has several courses in all subject areas.