Emotional abuseThis article gives you some questions to ask yourself if think you might be in an abusive relationship. It also explains how the abuser can brainwash their victim and gives common characteristics of abusers.

STD'sThis link describes several common STD's. It gives information on signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Saras QuestAn interactive game site on different types of drugs. It asks you questions and if you get the right answers it has you go on to the next question.

disease and procedure tutorialsThis a great site that explains in detail about diseases and different types of medical procedures. It talks to you and also shows pictures.

CareerOneStopThis site features information on job trends, employment outlook, salary ranges, and eduaction requirements or training requirements.

The Occupational Information NetworkThis site serves as the US's primary source of occupational information.You can look for an occupation that matches your skills.

Career ClustersThis is a website that has 16 broad groupings of different careers. These clusters link school based learning to career sucess.

The Occupational Outlook HandbookStudents can use this as a tool to help with career planning. It describes various occupations, it also lists pay scales and future job outlook. This site is very user friendly.
myplateThis is an interactive site that helps you to choose foods that are right for you. You can check calories and look at different food groups. It also gives you tips and resources and lets you use some interactive tools.

physical abuseThis website lets you look at physical and behavioral indicators. Also who is at risk and who can be perpertrators.

Sexual abuseGives definition. It also lists sources where to get help and what you can do.

assaultGives definition. Has information on punishments and types of assault. Also give tips on prevention.

neglectTalks about observable indicators. Also things to look for when watching infants, toddlers, and children.

PE CentralThis site gives lesson plans and activities for PE and Health classes. You can choose grades and different subject matter to look at. I really like this website

baby calculatorAdd up the cost for a babies first year. This site has all the boxes ready for you to put in your information.

Daily PlateCalculate your calorie goal. Search foods and fitness activities and track your calorie intake.

Peer pressureListen to a scene about peer pressure. This site talks about positive and negative peer pressure. Defines what peer pressure is.

Teens and alcoholDefines alcoholism. Has several additional sites that answers questions on teen use, how parents can help, and statistics on teen alcohol use.

Fitness programThis site gives a five step program to start your fitness program. It has you assess your fitness level, design your program, and monitor your program

Child development stagesGives different web pages for development stages of children from infant to teenagers. Also has audio that you can listne to.