Basics of Google Docs

What is It? Here are some improvements if you have used Google Docs in the past.

Why Use Them?

  • Increase student retention of information. We Learn: (Wm. Glasser)
    • 10% of what we read
    • 20% of what we hear
    • 30% of what we see
    • 50% of what we see and hear
    • 70% of what we discuss
    • 80% of what we experience
    • 905 of what we teach others
  • Collaboration
    • Students can work together at school and at home at any hour they use.
    • No papers eaten by dogs.
    • No forgetting papers or computers at home.
    • No "printing problems".

  • Engaging Students
    • It's the difference between web 1 and web 2.0. Instead of having information come at you; students have to use, gather, analyze and produce a product. Having students create projects rather that filling out worksheets uses higher-level thinking skills.
    • Examples can be Project-Based Learning or Challenge-Based Learning.
    • Here is an example:


Great way to create surveys and gather information.

You can use a script called Flubaroo to grade questions you give your students. Here's how it works:

Here is the web page that gives you the information.